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Mast - short length
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I broke my mast today. I'm looking for a used whole mast. When (if?) I find one, I'll be glad to share some of my old one. I have a 1987 O'Day 19. It's not exactly the same as a Mariner but I suspect the masts are very similar.

What section of the mast do you need or maybe it doesn't matter as I guess the extrusion is the same top to bottom.
I may have a section available. Let me know minimum length needed to minimize mailing cost.
Pay only for postage. "Mariners helping Mariners"
Maybe some one closer may respond as well.
Are you going to replace a section and weld together or cut and snap a front portion over the mast in the bent area to reinforce ?? 
Rivet together. I have done for a section about a foot long, but imagine a longer section could be done.
Contact me direct
609 713 4184
Newt Wattis
Surf City YC, NJ  
Would anyone who has a damaged mast be willing to sell (and ship to St. Paul, MN) a short length of a straight portion? Minimum needed would be three feet; anything longer than six feet, I would have to cut and scrap the the excess.
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