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Last Call- Mast, cneterboard winch and untitled tr...
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I'm assuming that I'm too late, but thought I'd check! Let me know if the boat/parts are still around!
I can take a photo of it and measure it, this mast is from a mid 60's boat, not sure if the mast has changed much. Others will know.
Give me a call 321-243-1459

Chris Edwards
SV Hope 683
Still available? I broke my mast today.
Frankly you're quite a hike for me, but rather than paying retail I'd probably make the drive. (I appreciate your generosity in giving it away - it's just a long ways from SE PA!)
As info, I have a 1987 O'Day 19 that has a shorter mast. I need to find a local Mariner and see if the cross section is the same.


I wish I could, but I can't even get to the one in my own driveway.

-Will (VP Communications, Dragonfly #2632)

I am about to take my "parts" boat and unregistered trailer to the dump. There is a good mast and centerboard winch which I would give for free. The mast and trailer you would have to pick up in Viera, Florida (near Cocoa), I will ship the centerboard winch, you pay the shipping.

Chris Edwards
SV Hope
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