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Forstay turnbuckle body and threaded eye wanted.
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I have bought from they have cast and forged turnbuckles.

Hi Bill,

What URL?

A search for Bosun Marine comes up with a bunch of different sites.



I Was was able to buy a new replacement on the internet at Bosun Marine for less than $15. A good place for all types of stainless hardware. Bill

Hi Bill, did you find a turnbuckle? If not, let me know.


Call Rudy at DR Marine, he set me up with a complete set of standing rigging for my 1969 Mariner... all related parts. He would be happy to advice I am sure. You can find the phone number on their website. Good luck!!

508 644 3001. Found it

Jerry L. Taylor

VP Membership


Melbourne, FL 32904


Hi Folks, I’m missing a turnbuckle body and the threaded jaw end for my forstay. It was lost or stolen before I bought my 72 Mariner # 2550 newly named “ WHIMSY”. If anyone has one to sell or spare I would be most appreciative.

Failing that a manufacturer and size detail would help me to buy a new one.

Many thanks, Bill.

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