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First generation keelboat available “not mine just...
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Hi Aaron, yes I noticed by the pictures that it almost looks like it was painted with house paint. I was told that the paint can be removed easily with a good oven cleaner and not damaged the fiberglass. It could still become a nice boat but you're right there is some money to put into it. I love the nostalgic classic look though and it will sail nice with the full keel but a bit pricey for a fixer-upper.

The owner raised the price to $3,000 CAD.

Hello Shane: I am interested and a couple of hours from this boat. So, I joined the Mariner group to get more info. That has been quite useful, esp the history.

I spoke with owner. This boat is # 912. He bought it from Ottawa 3 years ago but has not used it since, so selling. IMHO, main problem is that previous owner painted the deck with something that has been flaking off. Looks to me like a complete fittings removal, paint removal, and then Awlgrip. Not a simple task and a few $ for professional. Aaron in Toronto.

Not mine just posting in case anyone’s interested in a good project boat $2000 Canadian that’s about $1490 US

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