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Free Mast and Boom
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Do you have a boom available? I have posted my 1971 2 + 2 for sale and when I had a buyer come look at it I found out that some desperate thief had nicked my boom, probably for scrap metal. I Live near Mystic Connecticut and have a pick up truck.

Spencer Clapp. 860 904 8622
I have one and I am in Lebanon, NJ, 100 mi from you, send me an email or call me 914 475 0530.

I broke my mast today! Is this still available.
As info, I have a 1987 O'Day 19 - not exactly the same boat and has a shorter mast but I believe I could probably reconfigure yours.
Cameron,I just happen to see this old post,do you still have this boat?
You wouldn't happen to have a rudder and tiller assembly that is in good shape; and want to sell would you?

Photo of the boat
I have a free mast and boom. Was going to sell for scrap but if someone has a good home for them they can have them for free.

Port Austin, Michigan. Call my dad, who has possession of them to arrange pick up at 989-551-7066.

Incidentally, the mariner itself is for free. The cable for the centerboard snapped and the centerboard crashed down, creating a crack somewhere. I motored home and noticed there was a lot of water in the hold. I do not have the time or inclination to fix it, or even investigate what such a project would entail. If anyone wants to take the boat too that person gets priority. It has an extra jib and new lines. I think it's early 70's or late 60's. Was not able to find the number, think that means it's an old model. Now I live 10 hours away and just can't fix it up. No trailer. If anyone wants a project call to take it up.
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