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2018 Summer "Notice to Mariners"

Nathan Bayreuther - 7/27/2018

The 2018 "Notice to Mariners" newsletter is now available for members to download. This edition includes articles from the President and Newsletter Editor, reports from Narrasketuck Yacht Club with great information on the upcoming Nationals, other fleet reports, and more. Thanks to Bill Eggers for putting it all together. Click the link below to download the newsletter.

2018 Summer Notice to Mariners

Executive Board Positions

It's time to start thinking about the Executive Board positions! All positions - President, VP Communications, VP Membership, Secretary/Treasurer, Measurer, Newsletter Editor, and Webmaster - have two-year terms, and now is the time to receive nominations from the membership for any of the positions for the next two years. 

Ted Penfield, VP Communications, has offered to stay on in his position should there be no challengers. The same goes for Secretary/Treasurer Brad Friedman, Measurer Chris Duncan, and Webmaster Nate Bayreuther.

Outgoing President Eric Lesniak has expressed interest in taking on the role of Newsletter Editor, replacing current Editor Bill Eggers. Bill is involved with many different projects outside of the Association, and we're grateful for all his efforts and great publications he has produced for the past four years. Thank you, Bill! Also, thank you, Eric, for being at the helm of the Association for the past two years. We appreciate your time, effort and guidance!

VP Membership Dan Meaney is running for President, so the VP Membership position will need to be filled - thank you, Dan, for all your work as VP Membership, and we're excited to have you run for President! That being said, nominations will be accepted for ALL the positions starting today and ending August 3rd. Should there be more than one person interested in the same position, voting will commence on our website beginning August 5th and ending September 5th. The new slate of officers will be announced September 6th, and they'll officially step into their roles on September 16th, at the conclusion of the National Championships per our Constitution.

To find out more about each position, click on the links below.

President Guide
VP Membership Guide
VP Communications Guide
Newsletter Editor Guide
Secretary/Treasurer Guide
Chief Measurer Guide
Webmaster Guide

Consider yourselves invited to take a leadership role in this fantastic organization. E-mail Eric at to nominate yourself for a position!

-The Executive Board

2018 National Championships NOR - UPDATE

Nathan Bayreuther - 7/6/2018

The Notice of Race (NOR) for the 2018 Mariner National Championships has been updated and available to download. The update includes:
  • Revisions to boat weighing (section 8). As part of the measurement process, all boats are required to be weighed on the scale. In years past, only the top three boats were weighed following the regatta; however, all boats must be weighed before the regatta to ensure uniformity on the race course.
  • Revisions to the schedule of events (section 9) which removes wording of an annual meeting. In 2014, there was a vote in favor (97%) to no longer have annual meetings at the Nationals since less than 5% of the membership are ever at a Nationals, and it didn't make sense for such a small percentage to vote on changes affecting the entire membership.
  • Revisions to the scoring (section 10) which better outlines the criteria for the Championship and President's Fleet racing.

The 2018 Mariner Nationals is open to all owners of Mariners who have paid their 2018 Mariner Class Association dues by September 14, 2018 and who are otherwise qualified by applicable rules. Former Class Association members who have not paid 2018 dues are urged to do so promptly by remitting payment to the Class Association's Secretary/Treasurer or by simply renewing your membership here on the website. (Contact Dan Meaney, VP Communications if you need help.)

Entries will only be accepted by the Narrasketuck Yacht Club's Mariner Nationals Regatta Committee. To enter the regatta an Official Entry Form must be completed. (See paragraph 21 in the NOR for The Official Entry Form.) The regatta entry fee is $160.00 per boat (includes all for skipper and one crew) and the Regatta Registration Manager must receive entry forms with the appropriate fee by 2000 hours Friday, August 31, 2018.

Note: The Association wants to encourage the participation of first time entrants. The first 5 entries received from Skippers attending the Mariner Nationals for the first time will receive a $60 reduction in the fee, which will be returned to you at the Regatta.

Entries received after Friday, August 31st shall incur a late fee of $40.00. No entry will be accepted after 0900 Saturday, September 15, 2018. The entry fee is not refundable.

For information or questions, contact Regatta Chairman Roger Knight at (516) 804-9905 or by e-mail.

We hope you'll participate!


Rendezvous Wait List Now Active

Nathan Bayreuther - 5/22/2018

Well, that was fast! In just five days, registration is now full for the 2018 Rendezvous. Eleven boats and eighteen sailors will be taking part in the event with members coming from Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. A great turn-out!

In past years, we have had one or two last-minute cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances, and because of that, an informal "wait list" is now active on the forums. If you missed out on the initial registration but would like to be considered should a space open up, simply navigate to the Cruising forum and click on "2018 Rendezvous Wait List," then write a quick note. Don't forget to include your contact information! If a space does become available, I'll get in touch with you personally so we can work out payment. (I'll obviously go in order depending on who signs up first, then second, etc.)

I'm excited to have so many boats and sailors participate!






Inspecting a Mariner to Purchase

Want to buy a Mariner but not really sure what to look for? Is that weird stain just cosmetic or indicative of a structural issue? Does that problem need to be addressed immediately, or can it wait for another time? Is that other thing a deal-breaker, or can I use it to negotiate a lower price? Check out our inspection guide to help you be better informed when looking at a Mariner you may want to buy.

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