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Wanted: trailer
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I am from CT so NY DMV might have different rules regarding homebuilt trailers.

I was able to find some decent unregistered trailers near me at really low prices ($100-$150) because they had no paperwork. In CT, if you show you installed a new axle or other combination of items on the trailer, you can register it as a homebuilt. You only needed a bill of sale for the unregistered trailer as a non functional trailer and the seller information just in case it was potentially stolen.

Bolting a new set of springs and axle on the trailer takes no time at all. It needed to go through a state inspection before registering

Maybe NYS has a similar rule. I bought mine from local marinas (I have done a few for friends) that are known to be reputable and had abandoned trailers in the yard. You may need to upgrade the trailer to current regulations for lights and chains

Thanks Terry!

I've been holding out while watching craigslist for the last few months in my area, but there hasn't been anything that is priced right, in good shape, and fits the dimensions/load-rating that I'm looking for. The couple that matched my criteria were recently painted, and who knows what rust issues have been painted over. Ideally, I find a galvanized one, so I can better assess corrosion.

I'm a few weeks away from starting the next project for the boat before spring, and that includes removing the centerboard, which I was hoping to have a replacement trailer on hand to slide back in after the CB is blasted/painted and the hull cleaned. If I don't find something soon, I may just take a risk on one of those recently painted ones.

Hi Jarrod,
There are a lot of suitable trailers around if you don't mind doing a little work.

Here is a project I did a few years ago which worked out nice. The trailer was for a larger boat so it is a little heavy but the added length makes it go over the road great.

I just watched craigslist for the right opportunity.

I'm looking for a replacement trailer for my Mariner - ideally, galvanized. I'm in western NY, but willing to travel for the right trailer. Please text me at the number below or reply to this message.



(585) two hundred - 7394

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