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Member Benefits

Inexpensive Yearly Dues - Credit Cards Accepted

Dues are only $15 per year and are renewed on the anniversary date of your becoming a member. Dues may be paid online with a credit card or by check mailed to our headquarters.

Notice To Mariners Quarterly Newsletter

Membership entitles you to receive our newsletter Notice to Mariners. The newsletter offers articles of interest to Mariner sailors as well as tips and information to help you to better restore, maintain, sail and enjoy your Mariner. You will have online access to over 43 years of Newsletters.

Expert Help Available to All Members

Our association has some of the most experienced Mariner sailors. Many have been sailing Mariners for years and a number have experience restoring Mariners that were destined for the scrap heap. Whether your interest is restoration, maintenance, cruising, racing or simply day sailing, our FORUM members can provide answers to your most vexing questions.

In addition, our frequently upgraded "Repair and Upgrade Info" section
will provide immediate answers to the most common Mariner related questions.

Post FREE Mariner Related Classified Ads

As a member you can post advertisements for your Mariner or spare parts. Our web site allows you to simply sign-in, type in your ad and upload up to five pictures of your item. Anyone, including non-members, can view your ad and call or email you directly. There is no charge for this service.

Downloadable Mariner Help & info

There are extensive articles which you can download free of charge. We are working to add even more.

Member Directory - Find Local Mariner Sailors

Our Members database search feature allows you to find other Mariner sailors in your area. The search function will list the members by name and provide you with contact information.

Communicate with Other Mariner Sailors

Our web site provides an easy way to locate and communicate with other Mariner sailors. Sign up to participate in our many FORUMS and receive via e.mail up to date information from each member post. You can choose between about 10 forums, either individually or subscribe to all.

Social Activities with other Mariner Sailors

Both at regional and national events there is the opportunity to foster friendships with people who share the same passion for sailing and improving their Mariner.

We Maintain a One Design Class

One of the features that helps to maintain the value of your Mariner is that many sailors are interested in buying a Mariner to race. It's very important to any racing program that yesterdays Mariner remain competitive with the newest Mariner. The U.S. Mariner Class Association works with Stuart Mariner to insure the integrity of the class.

Support a Racing Program

Even if you never race your Mariner you will benefit from the racing program participated in by many Mariner sailors. Some of the most innovative improvements in the Mariner class have come from the racing program. Additionally, Mariner sailors work closely with sailmakers to improve the performance and durability of our sails. The steady volume of sails purchased by racers keep sail prices reasonable.

Maintains Class Rules and Specifications

The association maintains a strict set of rules and specifications for both regional and national sailing events.

Provides a Central Source on Specifications for Sails

The specification for the Mariner sails are clearly defined by the Association. With adherence to this specification our members work with a number of sail makers to improve the performance and durability of Mariner sails. Since many of our racing sailors replace their sails annually this keeps a number of sailmakers interested in our class and provides a more economical sail for casual sailing members.

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