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HomeBuying a Mariner

Welcome to the Mariner Class Association Web Site!
If you are interested in purchasing a Mariner boat
trailer or related Mariner gear, we suggest the following:
Check the Classifieds section on this web site. Use the navigation on the left side of the home page.
This area is available to non-members (but if you would like to join ... please do).
These search engines are all FREE to use.
If you don't find what you are looking for the try this:
Search Tempest is a "compiler" and will search listings from Craigslist by the parameter choices you enter.
Go to Search Tempest:
If you want ... check the box to "Include EBay Results".
In Category select: "Sale/Wanted"
In Sub Category select: "boats"
In Has These enter: Mariner sailboat
Select Radio button: All
Click: Search Now and see what you get!
You can try variations such as O'Day, ODay, Mariner (which will also find Mariner Brand outboard engines), or what ever term you would like to search. You can use this to find outboards, sails and other sailing gear too.
Of course, there's always good old eBay.
Boats are found under the eBay Motors categories.
At the left hand navigation select: "Sailboats"
Next screen, select from the "Length" dropdown: Under 20 Feet
Then choose the distance (in miles) you are willing to travel and enter your home ZIP code.
See your results.
Listings are not always entered properly to take full advantage of search engines.
Try some variations such as putting "Mariner" or O'Day" in the "Find" field.
Monitor these sites on a regular basis and you are sure to find a boat you like.
Check the "Hull ID Help" section on the Mariner web site to be sure of what you are buying.
Good Luck !

Be sure to come back and join the Mariner Class Association. We offer a wealth of information on sailing, rigging and restoration. Many of our members are EXPERTS when it comes to Mariner boats.
Simply click the "Join" link in the navigation sidebar. For the crazy low price of only $15.00 you gain access to a wealth of information, as well as an opportunity to meet other Mariner sailors and participate in organized Mariner activities. We also have a great newsletter along with this constantly updated web site.
By joining you will be automatically notified of new "for sale" listings. (Set up in your profile after joining).
You need not own a boat to join. So why not join today? Credit cards accepted online.
To join now, click this link ...