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Composite (Stuart) Centerboard STILL AVAILABLE
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Used composite centerboard for sale at WAY less than new!!

Stuart 70# centerboard in good condition. If you wish to lighten your old waterlogged racer here is a nice lightweight board.

Check the Stuart website. This centerboard sells new for $1,200 plus shipping!

Removed fom my 1970 boat because it was too tight and to fat in the trunk to lower properly. I purchased an original cast iron board and no longer need this one.

Board is a composite material with a smooth fiberglass covering. Covering is in great shape over 3/4s of the board. A previous owner ground off some fiberglass to cure the sticking problem.

Having gotten the board out, I know now what small modifications it needs for proper fit. A bit more sanding at on the sides and and the re-profiling of the corners should do the trick. I didn't put it back in because I wanted the extra weight of the cast board.

Hi desity plastic bushing in place. Includes the bronze pivot pin & washers.

Price $350 CASH **** Photos available. Email me at ""

Pick up in Bethlehem, PA near the I-78 thruway.  Sorry .. I can't ship this large, heavy item.

Steve Hock


Mariner Class Association

UDATE: Here is my composite board (for sale) after dealing with the areas that were somewhat raised and obviously rubbing and causing sticking in my centerboard trunk. These areas were all sanded below the arched scatch marks and smoothed out. The board also had a rather heavy coat of anti-fouling paint that I'm sure contributed to the sticking issue.

Board weighs about 70 lbs. Very nice condition now. For Sale at $350. Pick up in Bethlehem, PA. (Left unpainted so you could see the work done.)

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