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Want to buy Mariner - Western US
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Here's another boat that looks pretty good


Sounds like it needs a little love but it's at least part way to you.

Congratulations! So sorry to see the damage. My hunch is that when they kept the boat near Lake Tahoe when they bought it from me, they did not protect it from the snow. The deck must have been damaged by the snow load which this winter was a record. I kept it outside near Lake Tahoe for a couple of winters at 6800 feet. I had the mast tied to the pulpit and carrier in back with a tarp over the whole boat so snow usually slid off. When snow got too deep, sometimes it came up to the deck from sliding off the tarp, I shoveled it. I bought the boat from a 92 year old gentleman who had it stored in his garage for about 15 years. I found it through this site and we made the deal with his daughter. We flew from Reno to Phoenix to see the boat. We spent about 3 hours with the gentleman and his sister and brother in law. They originally lived in N.J. where I grew up and knew people I knew so it was a joy. I contacted someone with an enclosed trailer and we put the boat in. A couple weeks later it arrived in Truckee. I did not want to tow from Phoenix to Truckee with my Subaru. I repacked the wheel bearings, got new tires, built a raising jig (Steve Hock design that I modified a bit), purchased cockpit cushions, boom tent from Stuart Marine. It came with a 2 cycle that could not be used on Lake Tahoe so I purchased the Nissan and had a cover made for it. I bent one of the turnbuckles the first time raising and got a new one from D&R Marine. My wife made the curtains. The boat was in pristine condition and had never been in salt water. We kept it in a slip on Lake Tahoe for three months. For a couple years I stored it in a neighbors garage for the winter. Everything worked. I never used the wisker pole or the spinnaker. You should use Sea-Bil in the gas otherwise the motor won't run very well if left for a week or so because of the ethanol in the gas. You will get some water through the centerboard bolt unless the owner did the fix that puts a pvc cap over the bolt. The centerboard bolt is a flaw in the design and most of them leak after time. You can also replace the bolt and seals but I think that is a nuisance. You might want to check with Stuart Marine for suggestions on repairing the boat since they restore these boats often and I have found them helpful. Let me know if you have any questions. I think I have the Mariner flag which the owners didn't want when I sold the boat and you are welcome to have it if you like. I don't think that we used the boat more than a dozen times when we had it. I bought it around 2009 and sold it in 2018. I did have the bolt rope repaired when I bought the boat, I think it shrunk in the Phoenix heat. When I bought it the boat still had the original trailer hold downs and the cardboard covering where it went over the deck from Stuart Marine.

Hi Bruce,

Yes, I purchased Flow. Attached is one of the damaged areas. Second crack is on cockpit coaming, presumably from over tightening the straps to trailer. Also a bit concerned that hull is compressed a bit on to the trailer bunks. Will see what happens when I float it off the trailer.

Hi Ross, Did you purchase the boat that was in California either at Lake Tahoe or Santa Cruz- FLOW?

Thanks Bruces, appreciate your response and congrats on the new boat and good luck with the restoration Ross!

I just purchased the boat being referenced last Friday. The fibreglass cabin floor supporting the mast crutch is badly cracked/broken. The owner seemed oblivious and I had already travelled a very long way to purchase….other than that, hull seems sound, very well equipped. Have a bit of a project to repair/refurbish then into the water this fall. Will be scouring these forums and may need some repair advice once I’ve fully assessed.



Check on SF Bay craigslist under Stuart Mariner. Here is the phone number on the craigslist site (530) 525-2065 I owned the boat and sold it. It is a 92 with lots of equipment and a very new Nissan outboard. I think there might have been some damage but I could not get a clear answer from the person that was selling it. When I bought it the boat had been in storage for 15 years in a garage. I bought a new outboard.

There was one in California on craigslist in SF bay area. If you can't find it I might be able to connect you with the owner.

As the title says, looking to buy a Mariner for lake sailing here in Montana. Unfortunately, they don't seem nearly as numerous or popular our west compared to the east.

I don't mind traveling a bit for the right boat, so anything in the Western US would be considered.

I do have my eyes on a O'Day Daysailer a well but the Mariner looks like a better option for my needs.



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