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Vent/Screen Ports Source & suggestions
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Stuart Marine sells the black version.

D&R sells the white version for PEARSON 31 and for PEARSON 33 (look under 'Deck & Hull'.

I bought mine from D&R about ten years ago when the price was probably half what it is now.

I posted photos of my installation in the photos section - just keep going back in time down the list until you find them.


Eric Lesniak

#3485 "Shoal Mate"

You should try Stuart Marine or Rudy at D&R Marine. I know at one time there was a post about someone replacing their vents.

Does anyone have a source for a opening port with screen per the picture attached? I saw these on what was listed as a year 2000 Stuart Mariner. Looking for suggestions on venting the cabin. TIA

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