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Free Mariner St Pete, FL (not mine)
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I went and looked at the boat today in St. Pete's. It needs more refurbishment than I would want to put into it. My inspection time was +/- 4-8 seconds. It had maybe 5 gallons of rain water in the cockpit on the port side at the cabin hatch area and was listing port side and it was lower in back at the stern more than I liked. Didn't notice if it has self balers. I was immediately turned off on the cabin roof that had a fiberglass patch 3-4" wide cross shape X 24" long legs covering where the tabernacle mounting bracket was. This patch had been on it for some time. I did not look in the cabin. I didn't see the mast around or any other accessories and I didn't look hard either. The boat is not at the location in the pictures. The boat is on a residential canal tied to a concrete bulkhead. In order to load the boat on a trailer it has to be "motored" 1.5-2 miles from its location to a boat ramp. The owner doesn't have a motor and although I brought a long paddle I wasn't into bailing and paddling to the ramp. The owner claimed he owned the boat for 30 years, buying it with a Bill-of-Sale. There is no boat title and I didn't get to seeing if he had found the BOS. I asked before visiting and didn't pursue that any further. If you were any of the others who expressed interested here's a few more details.

I could not get that link to work, but I found the boat, so maybe this will work better, if others are having trouble.

Free Mariner 19, St. Pete, Fl

The seller/giver says they have mast, boom and rigging, good condition cushions, but no trailer.

Oh yeah, the ad also says the boat needs some work.

-Will (VP Communications, Dragonfly #2632)

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