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Looking to Buy a Mariner
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I have an older one that could use some love near Saratoga Springs, NY if you don’t mind a project boat… proceeds to benefit our local sailing school.

Hi Annie - Like Jay, I am a new member of the Association and am also looking for a Mariner. I plan to sail it in New Hampshire on Lake Winnipesaukee. Are you still looking for a buyer for #3257?

Thanks ... Peter

Peter Timbie

Cell: 608-556-0287

Hi Annie -

Thanks for your reply. I've got a few leads but haven't made any purchases. I'd love to hear more about #3257. My cell is 603-660-6025.



Hi Jay,

Did you find a Mariner yet? I'm in the Portland, Maine area and bought #3257 (1976) a year ago. Life changes and it looks like I may never get the boat in the water. She's registered in Maine, on a trailer.


You might check with Dave at Stuart Marine. He brokers boats and it seems that he sometimes comes out west to pick up or deliver boats.

I have a 76 2+2 that I would sell, I'm in mid Missouri but have relatives in Loveland and may be coming that way soon so could bring that way maybe, I would take $3400 call if you want 573-819-6040 Micky

I have a boat I've been thinking of selling. I'm located in Chicago. If you're visiting Illinois for the holidays, I'll show her to you. I've posted pictures and videos of her on the mariner class page on facebook, and also on the oday mariner 19 friends of sailing. She's well within your budget with a title for the boat and the trailer.

630-299-9073 if you'd like to chat some more, shoot me a text.

Hi, all - I'm a brand new member of the class association. I've been looking for shoal draft cabin cruiser ever since I sold my dinghy, and my research keeps bringing me back to the Mariner 19.

I am based in Denver, Colorado, but I grew up in the Northeast (NH) and have family in the Midwest (IL). If there are any Mariner sailors in CO, I'd love to hear from you—though I know buying a boat is probably going to involve a road trip during the holidays. My budget is $3-$4000 at the high end.

I've been scanning Facebook marketplace and other sites, and have found a few great options on the East Coast. But if anyone has a lead on a boat nearer to me, I'd be grateful to hear about it!

Thank you,

Jay Bouchard


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