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Beaton Sails for Sale
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This hasn’t been de-listed yet so I am leaving a comment in the hopes that the sails are still available. I am interested in the jib if you are willing to sell separately. I am not local so also would be interested in shipping

Hi Nick,

Is your set of sails still availble? I'm refurbing an old boat I got a few months ago and the sails are not in good shape and looking to replace them. Please let me know, if you see this message.



Since you aren’t in the member directory, you can search for my contact info (last name Papa) in the Member Directory and shoot me an email. Thanks!

Interested. I am out in Blue Point. Will send you a DM.

Adding genoa with a tape luff. Nick

Making room in my barn. I have a good set of Beaton sails, main and jib for sail. Last measured 2006 but I replace sails periodically so these are few sets back but in good shape. Battens and windows in good shape. Tell tales in good condition. Bolt rope luff. Two sail bags. Includes a Lee mainsail cover from another boat, the one to the right in the picture. $350 plus shipping. Figure shipping from 11701.

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