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Mariner Pennant
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That's too bad about the condition of the boat. Hopefully it will find a home with someone who will take proper care of it.

A friend of mine at the Hamilton Creek Sailboat Marina and I often look around at some of the boats there and comment that it is where old boats come to die. It always breaks my heart to see some of them slipping further and further into disrepair as well as the occasional one that gets hauled out on a flatbed wrecker and sent to the scrap yard.

I'm currently restoring a 1978 Ranger 22 that was abandoned up there. When I acquired it the boat was sitting about 8" below the waterline and I know I pumped water out of it with a sump pump for most of the day before getting it to where I could start drying it out.

It's a nice boat but I am going to have to rebuild the cockpit doorway bulkheads and do some other minor repairs. That said I like the way it sails and I'll probably end up keeping it and selling my 1987 Catalina 22 that I have in the slip there.

I have a bit of work to do on my Mariner 19, and need to rebuild the trailer it is sitting on. But I plan to get that done in the spring so I can start using it on the local lakes and river this summer.

I can relate to the wife not being into sailing. I've been married 39 years to a wonderful woman but she has no interest in boats or the water at all.

Fortunately she knows how much I love boats and the water and she supports my passion for them.

Happy Holidays to you as well!

You are welcome! I had another one that I think we purchased. When I sold the boat the new owner didn't want it, He said something like, ' the only pennant I want is the one saying Budweiser' Unfortunately I believe the boat was not properly protected in the winter at Lake Tahoe and the snow load seems to have driven the mast reinforcement in the cabin through the floor. Someone did purchase the boat and I emailed them but never heard back. The boat was pristine with lots of equipment and never in salt water. I miss the boat but my wife decided that she didn't like sailing. Happy Holidays!

Hi Bruce,

I received the Mariner Pennant today.

Thanks for sending it and the letter that came with it!


Thanks again!

If you get down this way again let me know!

While I keep the Mariner on a trailer here at home I've also got a Catalina 22 in a slip on Percy Priest lake at Nashville and generally try to get up there at least once a week any time the temperature is over 50 degrees.


Okay, I got your address and I will put the pennant in the mail soon. We used to come to Nashville often for work and to hear music but not so in the last few years.

Thanks Bruce!

I don't see a way to message you directly in the forums.

However if you are logged into the forums and go to the Member Directory you can search for my name. Then just scroll down to the bottom of the search results page (below the map) and it will list my address for you.

I'll be proud to fly the Mariner Pennant (they sold out of them just about the time I got my Mariner so I didn't get one) and I'll think of you and thank you whenever I hoist it!


Send me your address and I will put it in the mail as soon as i get a chance

Thanks Bruce!

I'd love to have it to go with my Mariner!


I have a Mariner Pennant. When I sold my boat the new owner did not want it. Free to a good home.

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