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North Racing Sails For Sale
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Thanks. Something came up so I’m going to have to pass. Good luck,

Paul, a few photos uploaded by folks at the Dinghy Shop. Rob

Thanks Rob. I’ll let you know if get a chance to look at them.

Hi Paul,

Sails still available. I don't have any pictures but they will look pretty much like new if photographed. I am in North Carolina and the sails are still with Jim Kohler at the Dinghy Shop in Amityville, NY. They do make periodic boat deliveries to NJ, Long Island and other locations in the northeast and may be able to transport if convenient for them. Feel free to give me a call if you have any questions. 252-670-1976 Rob

Still available? Any pics?

Set of North Mariner 19 racing sails for sale. Lightly used. Full length bag for each sail. Available to see/pick-up at The Dinghy Shop, 334 South Bayview Ave., Amityville, NY. Call daytime hours 631-264-0005. $1,350.00

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