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Wanted : Bow Pulpit
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Does this pulpit make me look skinny?

Bow Pulpits are expensive. Shipping can be even more expensive. Having found a great price on a bow pulpit I bought it. It came from an S2 6.7 sailboat. It didn't rest properly on the bow.

Rather than cut and reweld I made some adapters.

Having noticed foresails, jibs, resting on bow pulpits when broad reaching or running placing the narrow pulpit forward became a desire.

How far forward or aft became a question. I still have no good answer other than not so far forward that persons fall under it.

With painters tape, waxed paper and clay made a mold then filled it with auto body 2 part filler.

The attachments show adapters made from body filler. In other attachments the pulpit is mounted and the adapters are partially on the deck and partially on the Mariner's molded toe rail.

It may not be attractive but the pulpit is forward, secure, doesn't leak, allows access to bow hardware attachment and forward enough to stow extra sails or to hang and remote drop an anchor.

SV Bren Marie 4040


David, just saw this on FB Marketplace. good luck



Those legs usually have some flex in them by a couple of inches. The bases may not land in the same deck location as an original one, but mine never had one anyway.

Thanks David a Good idea and I will follow up on it. I’ve already put a tape in my pocket.

Regards Bill

Bill, I think you'll be surprised how many others will fit. Go to marine consignment shops with a tape measure. I paid $25 for mine it's from a Bristol 24 sailboat. I cut the bases off and used these to get the correct angles.

Hi Miguel, that’s a great offer an$ very generous of you. I recently got involved in trying to ship something overseas the cost of shipping was greater than the value of what I wanted to ship. Thanks again for your offer ,if I sail Mist my Mariner down your way from Boston I’ll give you a call.

Warm Regrda Bill


RE: Bow Pulpit

I have one. Contact me tomorrow at 787.403.4700.

I live in Puerto Rico. All you need to pay is the shipping.

Also, a good friend has one in Indiana.

Happy Easter.

Miguel Casellas Sastre

Hi I’d like to add a bow pulpit to my 1972 Mariner if you have one you would part with I’d like to talk to you.

I’m in Ipswich , MA

Thanks Bill Graham

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