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Reefing Claw
Dave Durnford

Hi. Anyone out there have a reefing claw they would be interested in selling. Please let me know. Thanks

Ulrich von Hollen

Hi Dave, check this out. I talked to them last August and they ship to the US. Maybe a few other Mariner owners are interested and we can get more then one shipped. Prices are certainly acceptable.

All the best



Ulrich von Hollen

it helps to add the link


Does anyone have a sketch or photo of how the reefing claw would actually be used? Is it compatible with the Jiffy Reef system?

Charles Edmonds

I don't have a photo, but here is a YouTube video with one in use:

Look at about 3 minutes and 35 seconds into it (plus other places such as 7 minutes and 17 seconds).

I did a screen grab of that and attached it as well.

On The Mariner 19, if you have a reefing claw you can pull the boom outward from the mast and roll the sail around the boom to reef the sail.

The claw goes around the boom and allows the sail to be rolled up inside it to accomplish the reef.

I don't see it as anything you would use with Jiffy reefing as they are two entirely different approaches.



Thanks Charles, got it! I didn't fully realize that the claw was intended for roller reefing until I saw this video . . . many thanks for the link and the screenshot.

- Ed

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